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Movie Review | This Beautiful Fantastic [2016]

The title of the movie, This Beautiful Fantastic, is its best review: it is beautiful and fantastic. It is also charming and quirky and whimsical and delightful and endearing. Oh, and did I mention beautiful and fantastic?

Idiosyncratic and orphaned Bella Brown - 'There was nothing normal about the girl' - dreams of writing and illustrating a children's book. By day she works at the library; her safe world surrounded by books.

When faced with eviction by her landlord for neglecting her garden, she meets her neighbour and nemesis, Alfie, a reclusive, embittered, grumpy and cantankerous old man, who happens to be a horticulturist. As their worlds and personalities clash, their friendship grows due to the delightful interactions of the supporting actors.

As Alfie opens up the world of wonder and beauty of flora to Bella, she opens up his heart to joy and love. The dialogue between the characters is witty and sophisticated and the performances are heartwarming.

This Beautiful Fantastic has the feel of a real life fairy tale. The plot is predictable, but who cares when it is so beautiful and fantastic?

Bella: I only work there till my book gets published. Billy: What's it about?' Bella: It's a children's book. It doesn't really have a story at the moment.



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