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Movie Review | Ramona and Beezus [2010]

​The wonder of childhood, the reality of sibling relationships and the beauty of family love and commitment are all illustrated through the various relationships and interactions among the characters as well as through life realities such as Ramona's dad losing his job, the death of a pet, a teenage romance between Beezus, Ramona's 15 year old sister, and Henry and Aunt Bea's relationship with Hobart.

Beezus: Ramona, you're your own person. You don't care about colouring in the lines. Ramona: It really depends on the picture. My favourite scene in the movie is when Ramona is so frustrated at the family supper table that she announces she is going to say a really, really bad word. The family wait in indulgent anticipation as Ramona responds with, 'GUTS! GUTS! GUTS!' 'If you can't be brave on the playground, then how can you be brave when it really counts?' [Ramona]



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