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Movie Review | McFarland USA [2015]

'Welcome to McFarland. This is a farming town. These kids working here are invisible. They come from the fields and they go back to the fields. These are good kids, smart kids. They just need a chance at a better future. Mr. White, if we're going to reach them, now is the time.' [Lupe] ​

McFarland USA is not your typical sports drama. This inspirational movie is based on actual events. A sense of realism and heart is portrayed via the issues of prejudice and discrimination in the poverty-stricken Mexican-American farming community of McFarland. The year is 1987. Coach Jim White (played by Kevin Costner) comes to McFarland to coach football but ends up coaching 7 Hispanic teenagers into competitive cross country runners. ​ This humbling true story shows what possibilities can take place through perseverance and sacrifice. The movie portrays the importance of families and the strength and support of community. ​ 'No-one stays in McFarland unless they have to. There 'aint nothing American dream about this place.' [Thomas]


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