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Movie Review | A United Kingdom [2016]

I don't know when last I have seen such a beautifully crafted and inspirational movie, so simply told. A UNITED KINGDOM is based on the historical account of the marriage between King Seretse Khama of Bechuanaland and Ruth Williams, a white British woman in 1948 and the political upheaval that ensued.

The main theme of the purity of their love and commitment, against the odds, is beautifully portrayed. The movie also explores the prejudice from both sides.

'Let us not allow the ugliness of this world to take our joy away from us.' [Seretse Khama] The British tell a subtle and powerful story when making a movie.

A United Kingdom is a movie about integrity and perseverance and it will challenge your thinking and move your heart.

The careful and sensitive blend of history and humanity make this movie gripping viewing. 'I am told you no longer wish for me to honour my duty as your king because of the colour of the wife I have chosen...I am ready to serve you because I love my people. I love this land. But I love my wife.' [Seretse Khama]



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