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The magic of a flower shop

Alas, I don’t have green fingers. Fortunately, others do. And whether it be bunches of wildflowers, mixed bouquets or an array of garden blooms, my love affair with fresh flowers is insatiable. I cannot be in their presence without being affected.

Besides their natural ability to beautifully ‘decorate’ a room - adding pops of joy, energy and artistry to any space - fresh flowers possess a bewitching power and enchantment when encased within the walls of a flower shop. The moment you step inside such a wonderland - intentionally or magically enticed from the sidewalk - the world pauses.

As you wander among buckets of colourful cheer - all vying for attention - your heart smiles; seduced and embraced by a playful palette of happiness.


No matter the reason for your visit, you suddenly cannot choose.

You want to buy them all.


‘Oh look, there are tulips – I love tulips.

But wait, those ranunculi are just gorgeous.

What about the roses and the lilies?

Ooh – what are those flowers, they are so beautiful.’

The conversation in your mind rambles until a floral shop assistant breaks the spell. ‘Can I help you?’

Mmm, what will it be? The dancing sunflowers or the delicate sweet peas? Gladioli, irises or gerberas? Perhaps the proteas?

They all seem to be irresistibly saying, ‘Pick us. Choose us!’

You do finally choose.

Today it’ll be the tulips. ‘But purple or white? Perhaps the purple. Next time I’ll buy the white ones.’

And then you relax.

That’s the solution: ‘next time.’ You can come again. And each time you’ll get to enjoy the wonder and magic of a flower shop.


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