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'A single bracelet does not jingle.'  [Congolese proverb]

'Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten,

become original without ever having noticed it.'    

[C.S. LewisMere Christianity]

'We could learn a lot from crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty,

some are dull, while others bright, some have weird names,

but they all have learned to live together in the same box.'

'A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other

by association with smarter people.' [Will Rogers]

Guest room

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Guest Contributors

The God I knew vs the God I now know

Kaluba is from Zambia and studied Public Health. 

She enjoys cooking especially since she loves food.

She grew up in Japan and has a love for reading, writing and drawing. She is currently living in Lusaka and doing an internship and studying her Masters in International Relations.

Rose Davis.png

Rose was born and raised in a Portuguese family in Johannesburg. She is married to Gavin and they have 2 boys: Calvin, almost 20 and Jamie, 18.  In between being a mom, Rose helps Gavin run his Flower shop. Spending time with family and friends is her favourite thing to do. One of her passions is baking and for exercise, she enjoys jogging. 

Guest Interview: Rosita Davis

Hayley is an independent redhead who is dependent on God's grace everyday. She grew up in the coastal town of East London. She taught  at a Primary School in Johannesburg for 4 years and is currently living in Beijing, China, where she is teaching English.

She loves coffee and the outdoors and has a particular heart for orphans.

Safe in His arms

Ife is a Nigerian, currently living in South Africa. She is studying Journalism and Media Communications and has just discovered new love for Christ. She is a young entrepreneur in the hair and fashion industry for women and is also a part time You Tuber.

She loves socializing, singing and reading.

Guest Interview: Ife Omai

Leanne was born and raised in Pietermaritzburg, KZN. In 1999 she relocated to Johannesburg. She is married to Duncan and they have 2 children, Declan and Gabby. She is a Governance, Reporting and Communications Manager with a passion to encourage and enable her work colleagues. She also loves cooking and baking.                   

Guest Interview: Leanne Govender

Nomfundo is South African and grew up in the small town of Bethal in Mpumalanga.  She recently completed her Public Health degree at Monash University, South Africa and is currently working as a Junior Researcher.

Her hobbies include dancing, working out and drinking green tea.

Hold every desire with open hands

Guest Interview: Itu Leballo

Itu was born and raised in a small village called Nokaneng in Mpumalanga. After marrying Sammy in 2006, they moved to Johannesburg. Itu is a full time homemaker/stay-at-home mom and

a home-schooler and she has a great passion for both.She enjoys cooking, reading books to her children, singing and playing board games with friends but mostly spending time with her husband.

She has recently found a new love for sewing.  

Meryl Odendaal.png

Meryl was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She studied Physiotherapy at the University of Cape Town and has been married to Kevin for 25 years. Outside of being a mom to Luke and Debbie, she works part time as a locum for a Physio practice.

She loves leading Ladies' Bible Studies and is also an avid long distance runner. One of her favourite pastimes is hiking with family and friends.

Guest Interview: Meryl Odendaal

John is married to Moekie and they have 2 sons. He is the Pastor of Grace Bible Church in East London. GBC is a newish Church Plant in membership with the Acts  29 Church Planting Network. John came to Christ whilst in the army in 1984 and then went to study at the Bible Institute in Cape Town. He has been in full-time ministry as a Lecturer, Pastor and Church Planter for 28 years. 

Confessions from a Pastor's desk

What I learnt from completing my PhD

Guest Articles

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