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My heritage

What is heritage? Is it cultural, national or family identity? Is it an inherited value system or merely traditions, dress, language/dialect and food handed down down from previous generations? Is it the interconnectedness of stories and shared memories? How do we meaningfully express and honour our heritage?

The answers to these questions can become philosophically complex, especially when tagged onto a sense of identity.
In celebration of Heritage Day, here is my personal poetic reflection:

My heritage

How do I define it when it doesn't fit a box or definition?

For me, it is






Flavours and


Whispered words of wisdom transcending time.

Shadows of truth spanning decades.

Where I feel at home

Where my heart is settled

Where words aren't needed to explain

Who I am

Why I am

I just know

Embraced by the familiar


On the wings of past stories, laughter, tears and scattered memories.

My heritage

It is all this and more

I carry it with me,

In me

And I share it with you.

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